We are vintage gear enthusiasts because of the unique sound it gives us. Also it could drive creativity.
We record either digital (Universal Audio converters) or analog (tape). If you're into "old-school" we can also help you to keep the production completely analog from recording to the final vinyl.
Another obsession is room acoustics. The studio acoustic was designed by Harald Pairits and we've built all the acoustic elements by hand to custom fit our rooms. We reached the magic 0,3sec. reverb-studio-goldstandard in the whole range, down to fundamental bass frequencies.
Many studios in history built there own gear on their demands and so do we. From studio monitors to preamps, EQs, microphones, acoustic elements, DI boxes to effect pedals, guitars and drums we've designed and crafted gear to fit our needs. And maybe - first and foremost - because we're a bit crazy…
Make yourself comfortable and take a closer listen.
If you scrolled down all the way, you're probably looking for the gear list. Well, here is something for you:
Preamps / EQ:
Siemens Sitral C48 (8 channels with EQ)
Studer 169 (10 channels with EQ)
Universal Audio 4-710d
Universal Audio 610
Golden Age Premier Pre73DLX
Focusrite ISA One
Universal Audio (12 Unison Preamps)
Heissmann DXT Mon 182
Yamaha NS10
Yamaha MSP5
AKG C12 (diy)
AKG C414, C460, C480, C451
AKG D19, D190, D12
Neumann U87 vintage version (DIY)
Preiss KM84 (Neumann)
Preiss No.1 Ribbon
Sennheiser MD441, MD421, MD21, e906
Shure SM57, SM58, Beta52a
EV Re-20

DBX 118 (modified)
GAP Comp-2A (LA-2A style, modified)

Instruments (details on demand):
Vintage Drums (Ludwig, Rogers, Pearl, Sonor...)
Snares (Ludwig, Yamaha, Sonor, ...)
Cymbals (Bosphorus, Sabian, Paiste, ...)
Basses (P's, J's, hollow, flats, rounds, tape wounds, ...)
Guitars (LP's, Strat's, Tele's, ES)
Amps, Pedals, etc.
ca. 1905 Viennese Concert Pianino (Josef Holkup)

70's Rippen Pianino
Vintage Tenor Saxophone
misc. Percussion instruments
fancy DIY stuff

UAD Plugins, Waves Plugins, Soundtoys, etc...
Universal Audio UAD-2 Octo Satellite DSP
Skipping Rope
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